For The sky

SandSky Developments was established in 2000 by Craig and Julie Fitzgerald, the company’s Directors.

Craig’s hands on building experience very quickly established the company’s reputation for quality. Innovation became the company’s middle name as Craig and his team designed and built outstanding homes, large and small with liveable spaces to suit the client’s budget and the Queensland lifestyle.

Craig has continued to reach for the sky by setting new bench marks for quality and design and the reinforcement of the company’s values.

SandSky has excelled in carrying out design and construction to suit individual site requirements and the ability to deliver on time and within budget. These attributes along with the development of strong relationships with sub-contractors and suppliers has ideally suited the company’s expansion into multi-residential projects as well as residential homes.

SandSky Developments was ranked at 31 in Gold Coast Top Companies 2018, rounding off the top five Gold Coast home builders by volume.